Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Supplying The Raider, Part 2: Grub!!

Many players will pay for the extra stat boost from buff food. While most raids have one or two people who bring Fish Feasts, some raiders will pay an extra 25 gold for 10 more attack power, 20 more spell power, stuff like that. While there is little room for profit if you buy both the Northern Spices and the meat, if you can get a direct supplier of either, or both, you can profit. Try to find someone who doesn't want to deal with the AH, and is willing to miss out on an extra few silver for a quick sell. Trade chat is a good place to find a supplier.
Back to the cooking. When you have found what food is best, check the prices. You don't want to cook 200 Firecracker Salmon if they aren't worth anything. On the flip side, you don't want to make 200 of the most expensive food on the Auction House if its not going to sell. Try to diversify at first, in order to find out which ones sell the best. Make 5-10 of each and post 'em right before raid time. Of those that sell, find the one with the highest profit margin. (Profit minus mats cost or value of time spent farming). And make these. You can make as many as you'd like, but don't plan to post them all at one time. Try stacks of 5, 10, and 20. I'd recommend selling the stacks of 20 at a slight discount (per food). For Example: If you sell 5 of X food for 5 gold, try selling 20 of X food for 17 gold. People will see these posted at a lower cost per food, and are likely to buy them. I repost after around 75% of my posts have sold. When you get undercut, DO NOT cancel your auctions if you have more items in your bags! Post the ones you have under the undercutter's posts. In the event that there is a mad rush of purchases, you want to have auctions up. If you get into an undercut war and have run out of items to post, cancel the highest priced ones you have, repost, and work your way down from there. There is a limited time when these will sell well, take advantage of this by staying on top of the competition for this short period.

In summary:
~Highest Profit Margin among Best sellers
~Find a direct supplier for meat or spices
~Post in stacks of 5, 10, or 20 at a slight discount
~Post before prime server raid time (usually around 7-8pm, your server may vary)
~Undercut Undercut Undercut!

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