Sunday, September 13, 2009

Supplying The Raider, Part 1: Flasks

One way that I make money is by supplying the raider. Specifically, providing Flasks of Endless Rage to the hardcore WoW players. Every weeknight before raid time, I buy mats for Flasks of Endless Rage (1 Frost Lotus, 7 Lichbloom, 3 Goldclover, 1 Enchanted Vial) in bulk. Usually, the market allows for a small profit (between 3-10g per craft of 2 flasks). However, most of the profits comes from proccing flasks. Each proc is an extra 2, 4, or 6 flasks for free. Thats between 60 and 180g of free profits on one proc. I usually sell around 20-25 flasks per raid night, but there is definitely room for more sales. Make sure you are posting during your server's prime raid time, which is usually between ~6 and 10pm. If you keep at it, you will sell out without a problem. Remember, even if you craft 40 flasks without procs, you will still make off with over 150g in profits.

Looking for a way to make more profit before procs?
Find a direct supplier of Frost Lotuses. I can get my lotuses from between 5 and 10 gold cheaper than the AH price.

Sorry for such a short post, I'm swamped with work for tomorrow, and still getting over my cold and fever. Good fun.


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  1. The flask market is a very rich market. I dabble in it when i have the spare herbs however being transmute spec. I can't make as much profit as you in flask.