Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Market Watching

Pay close attention to the markets. There are situations where, using professions, you can take advantage of huge changes in price. Today for example, Frost Lotuses were dumped on the AH at 7g under the normal price. I quickly bought em' all, got the Lichbloom and Goldclover at regular prices, and made a bunch of Flasks of Endless rage. Even selling these flasks at normal price, I have a 7-10g profit on each one. Don't flood the market, sell em' 4-5 at a time, over a day or two during raid hours, and they should all sell no problem. It just so happened that on the very same day, no one else had Flasks of Endless Rage posted, so I ended up selling em for a good 8g over market each. Thats 15-18 profit on each one, on 26 of them, thats 390-468g profit total. One night, one item. There are many options for this to work across the AH, all the markets, any profession. Just keep an eye out. Try to build up a list of things to check every day. After a few weeks, you will know the schedule for different items, and can begin to take advantage.

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